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Animals Coloring Book is a lovely coloring book for kids
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Animals Coloring Book is a lovely coloring book for kids that includes a great variety of animals to paint in 3D. The application is run in fullscreen, so your kid won't be able to use other programs or mess around with your computer. The book offers a very attractive user interface, and enchanting music and sounds, which can be deactivated from the Options menu. The trial version will only allow you to paint the first animal, which is a cow, and the rest are available only upon registration. You will be able to view them, but not paint them. Among the animals you will find elephants, fish, mice, camels, dogs, and cats, to name but a few. All the animals look very cute and funny, and the surroundings are also very attractive. The program offers a palette of colors to paint, a pot with water to clean the brushes, and a place to meld colors and create new ones. Unfortunately, the program doesn't include an option to print the drawings.

In short, Animals Coloring Book is a beautiful coloring book that can help you keep your kids occupied for a while, but lacks a printing option, which is really a big drawback.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of animals
  • Cute scenes
  • The program in run in fullscreen
  • Nice music and sounds


  • No printing option
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